Beginners Kendo Terminology Sheet

This sheet will aid beginners in learning and understanding the Japanese terminology used in the dojo.

Kyu Grading Syllabus

This document details the grading syllabus from 8th Kyu through to 1st kyu.  Please note, the new Kihon kata is not included in this list. A new updated list will be added soon

Introduction to Kendo Powerpoint

This the powerpoint that is shown to all first time kendoka at their first class. This is for further reference and to read the finer detail that was only briefly mentioned during the presentation.

Kihon and Nihon kendo kata manual

This a manual that can be found online that describes in detail both kihon and nihon kendo kata for those that want additional references.

This book was written by Stephen D. Quinlan in association with the Kingston Kendo Club on May the 19th, 2014.

You can purchase this book here.