Payment Details


Email proof of payment to

Please use the following reference: Your name and short description of payment
example: J. Bond April; M, Musashi Shinai; J. Bourne Grading

If for some reason you are paying multiple items, please send an email with your proof of payment attached with a description of all the things you have paid for.

Bank: Absa

Branch code: 632 005

Account nr: 4069682803

Account type: Cheque


Pay to Emille or Danie at/during class. Keep receipts as proof of payment. Emille or Danie will transfer money over into dojo account as a lump sum during the month.

Please note that if you pay cash and you receive an invoice for fees outstanding. Cash payment is only taken into consideration once the lump sum reflects on the dojo account. Ignore invoices for such items, please


NB!! When you register as a member of the SAKF, a monthly levy (included in your class fee) has to be paid over to the SAKF. This levy is used to keep the end of the year seminar fee as low as possible. Even when you do not attend class, this fee is still payable for up to 3 months since your absence.
THUS: you are still liable for 3 months class fee after you have stopped with kendo. This can be avoided if you inform the dojo admin that you will not be continuing with kendo and we can remove you from the registered members’ list

Also note that even when you do not attend class, our dojo expenses do not cease to exist. Thus for the same reason, your class fee is still payable even if you have not attended class for that month.


1. All class fees must be paid before the 15th of that month
2. If your payment has not been reference properly, your payment will then be used as a donation for the dojo to help upgrade the facilities – BE WARNED
3. Remembering to pay your outstanding fees is your responsibility, not that of the treasurer to remind you
4. If you are unsure about outstanding fees please ask either Ronel or Simone and we will gladly inform you
5. If you are unable to pay any fees on time, please just inform the dojo admin so that we can take note of it
6. We are not out to make money, none of the dojo admin members gets paid anything, all fees paid into the dojo are used for the dojo. We, unfortunately, have expenses, and to keep class fees as low as possible we rely heavily on members to pay their fees on time, every time.
7. If for some reason you are unable to pay for something, please, please, please come speak to any of the dojo admin members. We want to expand out kendo family and the last thing we want is for money to get in the way.